Built-in Cupboard Centre supplies CLIPPA built-in kitchen and bedroom cupboard units that are ideal for the DIY enthusiast and no special expertise is required to assemble the units

All units are supplied as a flat pack kit together with detailed Step by Step Instruction Manuals and Drawings of the units purchased.

No special tools are required to fit the units as all panels are pre machined to take the special imported Knock down fittings that are used. A Spirit level , Hammer Drill , Screwdriver and Hand Saw are basically all that is needed.

Knock Down fittings are used in the shelves , rails and pre drilled side panels providing a strong and stable carcass yet allowing for the easy adjustment or replacement of panels and shelves when necessary.

Party Wall intermediate panels are used ( i.e. two adjoining units share the same side) thereby saving on costs and labour. Once again metal bushes and dowels are used to ensure strength and durability.

Imported concealed hinges are used in the system. These hinges utilise cams and plastic dowels to secure themselves to the doors and side panels and have no screws securing them which can work loose over time. All doors are pre-drilled with the main and two locating holes into which the hinges fit exactly and are then simply tapped into place. All the hinges are adjustable in three different directions so no doors need ever be hung out of square.
Metal drawer runners with nylon rollers are used on all drawers.
CLIPPA units as standard units do not have backs (however these can be supplied if requested) and the units bolt directly to the walls using the sturdy epoxy coated wall brackets and wall plugs provided with the kit.

Water and Heat resistant Post formed worktops and matching base plinths are used providing exceptional longevity of the units and are available in a variety of attractive colours.
Fascia panels are provided to allow the units to be closed to the ceiling where desired.

Every individual component of a CLIPPA unit is available Ex Factory so if any part should be damaged in the future it can be easily and in expensively replaced at a later stage without affecting the entire unit.

Special size units available on request.

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